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Top 5 Engagement Session Poses | Maria Gloer Photography

Your engagement session is a time to celebrate your love and affection for one another - but it's also a time to get to know your photographer and get some great photos!

I'm a firm believer that having an engagement session is a necessity because it gives me a chance to get to know you better, a better understanding of what your likes and dislikes are as far as photos and poses and lets me learn more about your personalities.

It also tends to make you both more comfortable in front of the camera so that on the wedding day, you're much more likely to relax and enjoy your time taking pictures.

Here are some of my go-to poses:

1- The classic

I always start with a classic and simple prompt, asking you both to get close, face the camera and smile.

2- The twirl

One of my favorite engagement session poses is the twirl. This pose is not only super romantic, but it also shows off your beautiful dress while giving the image some movement.

As you twirl, alternate between looking at each other, looking back at your photographer and smiling and looking down towards your dress.

3- The dip

A classic practice for your wedding day dip down the aisle. I love this pose because usually you can't get it right the first time so it's a fun and casual moment we all get to share making this image happen.

4- Walking hand in hand

Capture the beginning of your journey together by taking a stroll in the park or beach.

5- Face-to-face

Show your love and connection by holding each other close and looking into each other's eyes.

Bonus: Fun stuff!

Your engagement session should be light, fun and reflect you as a couple.

A few fun things to do: share a dance, pop champagne, visit a coffee shop or bar, incorporate a vintage car or a spot that is special for both of you.

Photography by Maria Gloer Photography

Nashville TN

Maria Gloer Photography offers a full service experience providing classic and timeless wedding photography in the Nashville area + destination weddings.

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