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Creative Uses for Cake Smash Photos | Cake Smash Photos - Nashville TN

Cake smash sessions are a delightful way to capture your little one's first birthday milestone. The adorable and messy moments captured during these sessions hold immense sentimental value. But did you know that there are numerous creative ways to extend the fun and make the most of those cake smash photos?

I have been specializing in cake smash photos in nashville for over 3 years and want to help you make the most out of your images.

1 - Wall Art

Turn your cake smash photos into stunning wall art pieces that add a touch of joy and personality to your home decor. Choose your favorite image or create a collage using multiple photos. Consider options like canvas prints, framed prints, or even a large-scale wall mural. Displaying these artistic pieces will not only beautify your space but also evoke cherished memories and become a conversation starter.

cake smash photos nashville

2- Photo Album

One of my favorite ways to keepsake your images. Transform your cake smash photos into a cherished keepsake by designing a custom photo album. Select your favorite images from your gallery and I will design a beautifully curated album for you! Your custom photo album will be a beautiful and tangible memento that can be shared and enjoyed with family and friends for years to come.

3- Personalized Thank you Cards

Express your gratitude in a heartfelt and memorable way by creating personalized thank-you cards featuring your little one's cake smash photos. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and the cards will serve as a lasting reminder of the special celebration.

When a baby turns one it may feel like the "end of a chapter". so cake smash sessions hold immense sentimental value and capturing those delightful moments is just the beginning. Whether through custom photo albums, personalized thank-you cards, or wall art, you can transform your images into tangible treasures that will bring joy and serve as cherished memories for years to come.

Maria Gloer Photography offers a full service experience providing classic and timeless newborn photography in the Nashville area. The studio is located in Hendersonville, TN. All studio sessions include access to the Client Closet, styling consultation + digital images and the option to purchase from an array of stunning artwork such as Heirloom prints and albums.


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