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Wedding Detail Photos - Checklist

wedding day details

It's all in the details. How many times have we heard this? But it's so true! Some of my favorite wedding photos include some kind of details captured that some people may have missed but that definitely made a difference. Also, all my brides that have graduated from Pinterest will appreciate this list. You see those super cute wedding shots on there and you want them in your album. I got you!

In order to curate a couple’s love story, here's a list of items you can bring along to the "getting ready room". I HIGHLY recommend you place all your smaller wedding details in a box for convenience.


A light color or wood color hanger makes for an elegant photo and compliments your wedding day dress. A bonus idea is to have a custom hanger created with your new last name.

2. Wedding Dress & Veil

Those are important shots, so it's nice if you have them ready for photos when your photographer arrives.

3. Wedding Invitations

Don't forget to bring the complete set of your wedding invitations, which may include: wedding invitation, envelopes, wedding save-the-dates, and RSVP’s.

4. Jewelry

Have all your wedding jewelry in the organizational box. Rings are also necessary for these photos.

5. Bride’s Shoes

Make sure to remove the stickers from the bottom of the shoes.

6. Bouquet + Boutonnieres

Schedule on your timeline for your maid-of-honor to bring the boutonniere’s over to the groom’s after the photographer grabs a detail photo of them.

7. Perfume (This is optional but looks great in detail shots)

Ideally bring a full perfume bottle.

8. Extras to Make the Details Prettier

It's a good idea to have at least one flower and one piece of greenery requested ahead of time from your florist. A bonus is to have a roll of a light silk ribbon that matches your wedding colors. These accents will bring your other wedding details to life.

Other important momentums may include any books that are important to the both of you, a bible, vow books, a letter or note.

If you want to go the extra mile, have a calligrapher transcribe your vows. They will look stunning in photos!

I know all these lists can get overwhelming but that's what bridesmaids are for. Get help from your girls and ask them to be in charge of making sure these items are ready to go when your photographer arrives.

If there's anything I can help you with, don't hesitate to email or call me!


Maria Gloer.

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