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I'm Not For Everyone

I know I am super behind on blog posts. I know! There were Fall sessions, then christmas sessions, then the holidays, then family in town... I'm just now finally getting back to my work groove and let me tell you, I missed it so much! I'm putting my life back on track, my health, my eating habits, my work and sleep hours, and even my apartment! Yeah, Marie Kondo says "hello" from inside my closet.

Another thing that has been keeping me busy are wedding meetings. Meeting up with brides and grooms is such a special part of the whole process. I love meeting couples before we even pull out a contract or handle any money. We typically meet up for coffee, get to know each other, I ask them several questions to try and better understand their needs, expectations and concerns. I then proceed to explain everything that I offer and that I think will fit their wedding budget and timeline.

We then chat about life for a while, because let's face it, I'm a talker! And then we part ways, and I love knowing they will go home with all the information they need to make this very important decision.

If the couple decides that I am the best option for their big day, I literally do a happy dance in my office (or in the middle of Target, wherever I may be reading your email or answering your call), and we get to meetup again and sign our contract.

Welllll, if you're looking to hire a girl to just show up on your wedding day with a camera, take all the photos, deliver them and be done, I'm NOT your girl! If you don't want to be bothered with Pinterest pins of wedding decor related to your wedding colors, recommendations on badass vendors, or you don't want to be tagged in cool/funny wedding memes every now and again, don't hire me. Seriously! I will make you miserable! haha

One of the things I love the most about my job is getting to connect with people. I will follow you on Instagram, I will keep up with your life and wedding plans. If I see something that I think you will like that is pertinent to your wedding, I will tag you, email you, text you! I will take the time to visit your venue, to help you find vendors that you love, I will clean up the skirt of your wedding dress because we decided to be adventurous and get up on some crazy muddy rocks for photos. I will! haha I will make jokes and laugh with your bridesmaids. And if you let me, I will dance the shuffle at your wedding, right beside your friends and family. And then in the end, I promise to deliver you incredible images that you will cherish forever!

As much as I stand for who I am as a professional, I know that is not for everyone. I'm not the photographer for everyone. And that's okay! My calendar only has so many days and I can take only so many couples. And that is fine! In fact, if you realize I'm not the girl for you, I will gladly recommend several other fellow professionals and friends in order to help you find your perfect match. Because at the end of the day, I want you to hire someone you love! Someone whose work you admire, whose personality matches yours and your fiance's, and who will attend to your specific needs.

I want to photograph weddings until I can no longer physically do it. I want to document love forever! And if you landed on this blog, you've probably already seen my photos and liked them, because otherwise you wouldn't have wasted your time reading this entire blog post. So if after reading this you're still on the fence about me, I'm probably not for you. But if I am, then email me and let's meetup! Because nothing makes me more excited than weddings and dogs. And if you're getting married AND have a dog, I already like you!

Email me at for wedding inquiries!


Maria G.

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