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Fall in Tennessee

This is my husband's and mine's second Fall in TN. And just like last year, I got blown away with all the colors, the decorations and the Fall spirit that is so present around here. So this past weekend we made a point to find some time to go see everything that Fall has to offer and, of course, document it in photos!

We visited Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in the morning, before heading to our Family session with Ally Thompson. We also got to eat lunch from Gypsy's crepe truck, which was very delicious.

After our session, we drove around the neighborhood enjoying all the beautiful mansions around, and then headed to 12th South for some well deserved Frothy Monkey coffee and some pumpkin patch fun!

Here's a little bit from our weekend:

If you've never experienced Fall in TN, I highly recommend you coming to visit me sometime soon ;)


Maria Gloer.

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