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Fashionably Late

No! I'm totally kidding! I'm always running late for things but I HATE actually being late and don't enjoy when other people are late either. But it happens right? So pardon me for taking almost a WHOLE month to write this blog post! But May has been a busy month for me (and I thank the Lord for that) so I had so much to do that blogging just fell through.

Well, aside from that, I want to go ahead and thank Stephanie Curnow for being such an easy and incredible client! I worked with her twice this month. Once for her online boutique's shoot, and then again for a family session. She was so kind to trust my work fully and recommending me to friends. I hate to know you're moving but I do hope we get to work together again sometime in the future.

So we went out to - guess where - 12th South on a Sunday afternoon for a lifestyle shoot for her online store, 27 West ( And OMG, I'm obsessed with her selection of pieces. Everything is so easy to wear!

Check it out!

One of the photos is actually being featured on the Home page of their website!

Once again, thank you for this opportunity, Stephanie! I wish you and your business all the success!

Stay tuned for her family session blog post coming soon. It's one of my favorites to date!



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