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Feeding My Passion

Every once in a while I have really strong cravings. Food cravings? Yes. But that's not the only kind. I have photographer's craving and all my fellow professionals will understand. I'll find a hard-to-beat, super amazing location, I'll have a vision and I'll hunt down a model to come work with me to make that vision happen.

I've been working with Polly for a while and she's always down for new fun locations. So on April 21st, we got together and went to Cheekwood Gardens, right outside of Nashville, to shoot this amazing session. And the photos turned out DREAMY! I'm so in love with this location! <3

Model: Rupali Patel

Dress: Trupti Bhula

Jewelry: Kendra Scott

Location: Cheekwood Gardens

I am so thankful I've been given the chance to be a photographer. This is the BEST job in the world to me and it gets even better when I get to see amazing places and make amazing friends along the way.

Hope you love these as much as I do!



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