Homeland: Paula + Luis

When I first step out of the airplane: crazy hair, no make up on, fussy from all the motion sickness pills, I smell the air. And there's nothing like the smell of HOME. To me my country looks different, smells different, tastes different. That all has to do with different cuisine, culture, and people. I proceed to go get my bags. I'm tired. No, actually I'm exhausted. But excitement kicks in as soon as the double doors open and I see my family on the other side. There's no feeling like being home with your family!

Are you lost? My family and I are from Brazil. And even though I've lived in the U.S. for about 6 years, I try to go back about once a year or so. It had been exact 20 months since the last time I was in Brazil and I was so ready for it! I was ready to see all of my favorite people: my mom, dad, grandparents, uncles, aunts, sister, cousin, stepmom, my best friend, my high school friends...

Why am I telling you this? Because for two very short and busy weeks I got to be surrounded by LOVE. Real, kind, strong, intense and unconditional love. And if the next pictures don't reflect love, then I'll call it quits on photography.

The girl in these pictures has known me since I was 3. We hit it off, right there, on the spot. And we've been skin and bones ever since. She's been by my side for every single thing like my first kiss, first boyfriend, first break-up, first car, my big decisions, big moves, big fights. And then she flew over 4,000 miles to come be by my side on my wedding day. She means so much to me! And now, she's found love too! Luis is funny, silly, kind and patient. And I love him because he loves her, he takes care of her, and he makes her HAPPY! So on a warm and cloudy Saturday afternoon, we went out for a session. I didn't really know where I wanted the session to happen so we just drove around looking for spots and I am so glad we did!

And here's how they turned out.

I wish lots of happiness to these two and that their love grows strong and pure. I love you both! Thanks for modeling for me! <3

Stay tuned for the next blog post on another session I did in Brazil! :)




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