Can We Be Happy Anywhere?

I met Nathalia online. We are part of one of those Facebook Groups where girls ask for recommendations, advice, invite each other to hang out and so on. She reached out to me and then realized - oh, we're both from Brazil! How wonderful!

So we got to talking, we schedule their session and we met at Ellington Agricultural Park on a Sunday afternoon. So as usual, before we actually start shooting I ask the couple some common questions like "Where are you guys from?" and "How did you meet?". That's when I usually find out what they like, what I have in common with them, what they have in common with each other and that helps me keep my session flowing. Come to find out they moved from New York State to Tennessee because of Zack's job. And I actually moved from Louisiana to Tennessee for my husband's school. So yeah, I could relate! We talked about not knowing a lot of people in town, not really knowing very many things about the city but actually loving to explore this new place.

It was really great to find someone that is pretty much going through the same things as me.

Same thing happened during Brad's and Kristen's downtown shoot. It was such a fun, upbeat session too! I connected with those two immediately and coincidently they were also going through the same things. Just recently moved to Nashville, were learning their way around and loving to explore. They also mentioned loving the killer view from their apartment's rooftop - which I'll gladly visit when they extend the invite again (wink, wink).

We're all digging our new adventures and I'm so glad I had the chance to meet two amazing couples that are proof that we can be happy anywhere if only we have the people we love by our sides!

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