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Have I Changed?

Everyday I get that feeling, right before going to bed, that something is different. Do you ever get that feeling? And I ask myself "Have I changed?" And oh, man have I!

In the past few months a lot has changed in my life. I stopped working full time, I got married (these two events were not related, just coincidental), I had my entire family from Brazil here in the U.S. to visit, and I have moved to NASHVILLE, TN! So many changes in so little time!

On top of that, I decided to totally rebrand my business. I wanted something more professional, clean, and that inspired me to be a better photographer everyday! I took my husband's last name, which I'm very proud of, and started working on a new website, new brand, new logo, new everything! So there you have it!

After having an amazing time in Hawaii on my honeymoon, I'm now ready for this huge move and very excited to start fresh!

Thank you all for the support! Can't wait to meet new amazing people in Tennessee!



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