Newborn experience

Perfect for babies between 5 and 20 days old.







I currently offer two types of Newborn sessions: Lifestyle & Classic Studio Newborn. 

A Lifestyle photoshoot is typically done at your house, incorporating elements of your life and your home such as your room, baby's nursery, etc. With this session I'm able to capture your family's true nature and the results are beautiful! 

The second is the classic studio portraiture. It's still done very naturally and organically, following your family's identity and style.

This session takes place at my studio in Hendersonville, TN, where I have everything set up and ready to go, so all you have to do it show up!

-All newborn packages include photos with parents and siblings. 

Lifestyle: What to Expect

- These sessions are simple and organic. We will use elements of your home. 

-No props or accessories are included. 

- Session takes up to one hour.

- Baby will be swaddled or dressed in an outfit of your choice. Outfit changes are allowed but I recommend sticking to 3 outfits at most so we don't irritate the baby. 

- You will be asked to feed the baby right before the session. Please be prepared to feed a little more if necessary. We can take as many breaks as baby needs. 

- You can expect  final edits within 12-14 days of your session. 

Classic Studio: What to Expect

- These sessions are custom styled. You will receive a questionnaire to fill out before your session where you'll be able to list any color/style preferences. 

- Please allow up to 3 hours for your session as we may need to pause to feed or lull the baby back to sleep. We can take as many breaks as baby needs. 

- Baby will be safely and naturally moved into different positions to achieve the posed shots. 

- You will be asked to feed the baby right before the session. Please come prepared with enough milk or formula for 2-3 extra feedings and diaper changes. 

- You can expect a proofing gallery within 12 days of your session.