Fall 2019 - Outfit Guide

It's finally Fall! Wait?! Is it?! I know, I know! The weather forecast shows 95 degrees and there's no trace of cold crisp air yet. However, my house is now full of pumpkins and fall scented candles which means Fall is kinda around the corner and it is time to plan! This is your chance to be super extra organized, just like you promised your 2018-self that you'd be the following year. I know that planning for family photos can be stressful. Believe me, I've been on the other side! So as the super helpful and friendly photographer that I thrive to be, I have once again put together a mood board/outfit guide for you! There's links and everything! - (pats herself on the back for this) - I know!

Wedding Bliss - Huyen & Kasin

Huyen (pronounced "Win") and I had never met. They live all the way in Washington state but were having their wedding right here in Nashville. This is where Huyen and Kasin met and went to school, so this place held a lot of memories and friends for them. But if you've ever planned a wedding far away from where you live, you know that is no easy task. You have to coordinate everything over the phone, email and sometimes it can be really overwhelming. Huyen and I had one phone conversation and "clicked", and so they both decided to trust me with one of the most special days of their lives. No pressure! haha We all got to meet a few months before the wedding, when they flew in for a few day

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